Please refer to the Sunday News Sheet for details of restrictions on church opening. Click HERE

We have a variety of services on Sundays, from quiet, said Holy Communion to all-age worship; contemplative prayer and our newly-developing informal evening worship. We welcome visitors and guests to all our services.


At the end of our main Sunday service, prayer ministry is offered at the top of the chancel. There will always be someone to pray with you.

There are mid-week services of Communion with hymns, held in Abbeyfield, Mansfield Rd and Peacemills, Perry Road. We offer home Communion to those who are unable to come to gathered church. Morning Prayer is on Wednesdays and Thursdays.


8.30am Said Holy Communion

10am 1st Sunday: All Age Worship*

10am 2nd and 4th Sundays: Holy Communion

10am 3rd Sunday: Comtemporary Communion

10am 5th Sunday: Service of the Word*

6pm 1st Sunday: Holy Communion

6pm 3rd Sunday: Bible Study*

6pm 4th Sunday: Unplugged Prayer & worship*

   *these services usually without communion



Wednesday 9-9.30am Morning Prayer

Thursday 9-9.30am Morning Prayer

Currently you can join Morning Prayer at 9am Monday through Saturday on our Facebook page



Time to Remember

(held once a year to remember the departed)

Ecumenical Services and Events

(held at various times during the year

to celebate ke events)