Thy Kingdom Come - Sherwood

From 21st to 31st May, St Martins Sherwood will be joining in with Thy Kingdom Come, a global movement of prayer for the 10 days between Ascension and Pentecost. 

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the activities will look different but we encourage all to get involved whether you are a member of St Martin’s Sherwood or another church or none. We would love for you to join us in prayer! 

There are 5 ways you can get involved praying locally in Sherwood;

    1. A Walk of Peace

During the Covid-19 Crisis many of us have been taking daily walks and discovering new corners of our local area. You are invited to take part in a Walk of Peace around Sherwood (alone or with members of your household) at any time between 21-31 May 2020.  The plan for the walk is available here (pictures & text) and on the Facebook page. If you would like to request a printed copy, please do so via the St Martin’s church office.


At various points there will be the opportunity to reflect or pray about the peace of our community, our world and our future. Look out for paper doves in front windows and gardens along the way. The dove is a familiar symbol of peace around the world. It is also of special meaning in the Bible as the bird which found dry land at the end of Noah’s “lockdown” in the ark, and as a representation of God’s Spirit whose coming Christian people will be especially celebrating at Pentecost (31 May).


If you would like to display a dove in your window or garden download the template here or contact Chrissie Morris/Church office for a printed one.  Alternatively you could light a candle in your window to show you are praying, here is a colouring-in sheet to accompany a candle.

If you are unable to leave the house for a prayer walk why not do it imaginatively with the guidance and picture to help!

    2. Twenty-four hours of continuous prayer.

As part of the Nottingham City Prayer, continuous prayer is taking place for the whole 10 days we are ‘owning’ the 24hrs of the 30th May. Sign up for a slot of prayer in that 24 hours here and you will be sent virtual prayer stations 1 hour before your slot!

For more help with your prayers click here

    3. Family Activities

Its great to pray with others so why not download the family prayer activity pack from here and look out on the Facebook page for accompanying videos.

More activity items:

Kingdom Kit    Prayer Labyrinth    Finger Labyrinth Template    Heart Box Net

    4. Want prayer?

We all need prayer from time to time so if you would like someone to pray with you call 07916012975, or email to get in touch with our ministry team who can offer confidential prayer or to pray for your requests. 

    5. Daily Morning Prayer

Finally, we will be continuing to ‘meet’ online on the St Martins Sherwood Facebook page each morning at 9am to open the bible and pray together. 


There are also many other ways to get involved in the global movement of prayer.

Click here for more details.

And for more detail of Nottingham wide events here.

And for the Nottingham ‘Bow Down’ event click here.


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